Embrace the nature on Emei Mountain

I have climbed many mountains located in southern China. Emei Mountain is quite different from those I climed at least in terms of its height. Preparing for this tour, I tried to take the stairs instead of lifts.

There were two routes for hiking tour. The southern route was longer but with more fantastic views while the northern rout was shorter but inferior in the views. With a gust of unexplainable vigor, I chose the southern route.

If I was alone, I would certainly choose the shorter one. But one of my old friends Sarah persuaded me.

Then on 24 Sep, 2007, we began our Emei Mountain tour we had planned for half year.

The Wannian Temple was our starting point. I firstly burned a stick of incense. This was my habit travelling outside my hometown. Every timeI came across Bodhisattva, I would say hello to pray for peace.

Leaving the Wannian Temple, we walked towards Qingyin Pavilion. Alongside the road were all snacks stands. We arrived at Qingyin Pavillion only to find crowds everywhere. The noise of crowds overwhelmed the roar of the waterfall. We hurried to the One-Line-Sky, which was actually the bottom of a valley. The waterfall fell into the valley and become a stream. There was a stone bridge over the stream and you could stop to play with water.

Eventually, I reached at the Monkeys Part. I had dreamed of there since I watched a video clip of the famous monk Yancan. In the video, monkeys kept disturbing Yancan when he was trying to say something about life. Monkeys here were willing to play with tourists. They were happily posed for photography. I am always mad at animals with soft fur, so this place fully satisfied me with touching them. The moment when I touched them, I felt all was well worth.