Prepare your strength for the Great Wall

I came to Beijing for college study four years ago. However I had never been to the Great Wall, Beijing’s iconic attraction in the four years because I’m the kind of guy lacking in strength and hating sports. During the Moon Day holidays, one of my roommates, Miranda’s sisters came to Beijing. Miranda would go to the Great Wall with her sisters. I believed this was the last chance to visit the Great Wall with someone’s accompany, so I joined them and so did my another roommate, Susan, who had never been to the Great Wall during her college time, either. Then five of us headed for the Ba Daling Great Wall together.

We got there by train. It was boring in the one-hour journey. So we played a new hot game ”who is spy”. To make the game more challenging, we updated the game and created the rule that we not only had to find the spy but to recognize her real identity. Time flew in our laughter. We arrived unconsciously. From the entrance, we began to take photos all the road. At the entrance, there is Chari Mao’s handwriting ”Who are we if we cannot reach the Great Wall”(不到长城非好汉). The steps are flatter at the beginning and it becomes steeper and steeper. Later, we had to hold the handrail to climb up. Sometimes we saw some carved words on the bricks. We felt quite upset for our education is always telling us this is totally wrong to write on attractions. But soon the beautiful views from the Great Wall escaped our discomfort.

It was sunny on the day but we could still feel a little cold in the wind. The higher we were, the less people we met. Finally, we reached the top. And, a man carved on the wall burst into our sight. We began to criticize them in a low voice. But it seemed that he couldn’t hear us. Yeah, it must be because he was still carving. I am always the one that lack of tolerance. I spoke in my heart and kept repeating and at last I spoke aloud that he did wrong. I didn’t know it was my blaming or he just finished his work. Whatever, he stopped and left with his girlfriend, although I still can’t figure out why such a guy should have a girlfriend.

We didn’t stay for a long time because we had to catch the train. When we hurried down the wall, I could feel my legs shaking.

I kept two things in my mind in this tour. First it is indeed a hard work to climb the Great Wall.

The second is that travelers need to protect our attractions. Now the dense carved handwritings on the wall bricks still upset me and have imprinted in my mind.