Dang Ling shows beauty of land, water and sky

Dang Ling is a natural scenic mountain area located in northwestern Ganzizhou, Sichuan Province. The ridge covers 142.4 square kilometers and is 69 kilometers away from Danba County. With its collection of natural attractions, including Snow Mountain, the primeval forest, flourishing meadows and steaming hot springs, it is one of the most well-known scenic spots in all of China. 

A peaceful, gourd-shaped pond sits amid the tranquil scene of yellowing leaves, green grass and white snow at the Dang Ling scenic mountain ridge.

While this is a picture of the Dang Ling scenic mountain ridge in early fall, the area’s beauty captivates visitors year-round.

Dang Ling in the late fall, light yellow trees and the purplish red as if a nice painting from centuries ago. The natural beauty of water, earth and sky displaying a full range of colors creates the mosaic that has made Sichuan Province’s Dang Ling mountain ridge one of the most well-known scenic areas in all of China.

Every corner of the Dang Ling scenic mountain ridge in Sichuan Province is picture-worthy. Even a still tree or lying rock holds beauty.


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