Blue sky and white clouds away from crowd

At the moment I came out of Yixing Train Station, I began to fall in love with the city. The blue sky and the drafting white clouds were rare in Beijing. I immediately thanked god that I chose a right city away from the crowd.

Near the station is the bus station. We took the bus No.160 and headed for our first destination, Longbei Mountain National Forest Park. The Day before, we had checked the travel tips. Netizens strongly suggested this park. They said it was very beautiful and most importantly, it was free of admission.

Yixing is not a large city. Perhaps due to the National Day holiday, there were not many people. We saw some natives walking in the park leisurely.

There are large grass areas. The Ferris Wheel in the distance looked like London Eye. Oh, sorry, please ignore the big head crowding into the picture. She is my friend Sarah.