Osmanthus flavor fills Nanjing’s air

Susan, who is from Nanjing said I visited Nanjing in the right time in that Osmanthus flowers blossom in autumn and streets in Nanjing are filled up with flavor.

It was already in the late autumn, but Nanjing was still in its summer condition. Girls were in summer dresses; Gardens bore various colors.

Nanjing is a peaceful city with quite a lot of trees. Alongside the main streets are platanus. It’s said that Chiang Kai-shek ordered to plant these trees to please his wife Song Meiling.

As a foodie, visiting Confucius Temple is a must. It’s located in the south of Nanjing, near a stretch of the Qinhai River with Qing-style buildings, house shops and restaurants. It has been damaged and rebuilt repeatedly, and was once a center of Confucius study for more than 1500 years. At night, lights glimmered on the river, which reminded me of its prosperity in ancient times.Today Fuzimiao has become Nanjing’s main amusement quarter and is a particularly lively and crowded place on weekends and public holidays.

At Huiweixuan, a famous local restaurant, I ate Duck blood and vermicelli soup. It was much more delicious than that in Beijing.