Top 10 Places to Enjoy Red Leaves (Source: People’s Daily)

Mutianyu Great Wall

The Mutianyu Great Wall is quite famous for its autumn foliage. It has an extremely beautiful natural landscape once you are up on the wall, green, densely wooded. People can find the whole mountain is covered all over by colorful leaves. The Great Wall is also overshadowed by green cypresses and red maples, smoke trees , chestnuts and more.
Badaling National Forest Park
Like the well-known Xiangshan Park, Badaling National Forest Park is also dressed up in autumn leaves for the season. Now, the park’s vast hillsides that are encircled by the ancient Great Wall are spread with red foliage.
Fragrant Hills Park

Fragrant Hills Park has the best red maples in Beijing. When autumn arrives, the hill is covered by flaming autumn leaves. The leaves all over the hill turn yellow or red, while some others remain green, tier upon tier, like a colorful painting.
Yunmeng Mountain National Forest Park

The Yunmeng Mountain National Forest Park is located in the northwestern part of Miyun County, and the park gate is at the 81.5-kilometer point of the Jingfeng (Beijing-Fengning) highway. Yunmeng Mountain is one of the most well-known, picturesque mountains in suburban Beijing, and the topography of the forest park is most unique.
Baiwangshan Forest Park
Baiwangshan is the closest forest park to the center of the city, just 3 kilometers northwest of the Summer Palace. With an area of about 2 square kilometers, the park is covered with thick forest and flourishing shrubs. In the spring, the park is beautifully decorated with splendid green foliage.
Hongluo Mountain
Hongluo Mountain, five kilometers north of Huairou District of Beijing, has large tracts of forest. In the autumn, tourists can revel in the splendid colors of the trees.
Mangshan National Forest Park

Mangshan National Forest Park is to the east of the Ming Tomb’s Reservoir, 35 kilometers from the center of Beijing City. There is nearly 86 square kilometers forest within the park.
Jinhai Lake

Jinhai Lake is in Pinggu District, 85 kilometers from the city proper. The lake is surrounded by mountains on three sides. The presence of trees and the magnificent views in autumn provide aesthetic pleasure to visitors.
Beijing’s Olympic Forest Park

Beijing’s Olympic Forest Park is a large, man-made nature park at the north-end of the Olympic Green. It was built the for 2008 Beijing Olympics games. The north side of the lake has a mountain that gives an excellent view of this part of the city. The park features many walking paths and a jogging path. Several small islands in the lake are linked by bridges. The south-east end of the lake has a handful of carnival rides for children.
Beigongshan Forest Park

Beigongshan Forest Park is located in the mountainous area of eastern Fengtai District. When autumn comes, the whole park blazes like an oil painting, with fiery trees hugging a crystal-clear lake.

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