A glimpse of Lijiang Old Town

For many times I read words about Lijiang on journals and sketched a vague picture of Lijiang in my mind. Finally, I decided to see it with my eyes.

Though attacked by an earthquake in its history, the Lijiang Old Town survived.

Despite crowded travelers, Lijiang is still a quiet city.

Lijiang is like a young girl. She stares at visitors from home and abroad with innocent and brioght eyes. And her innocence is not because far from the crowd but from her belief in the world’s pureness.

Walking on the stone road, my heart returns to peace in spite of surrounding noises. I want to stay here for good.

The fishes swam in the clear water with tails stirring splashes. It reminded me of a lovely sentence reads “Fishes swam by , water became lively.”

Those have visited Lijiang said Lijiang’s sky was unusually blue.

Lijiang is so busy but still a peaceful city.