Soking up the sun in Chengdu

It’s said Chengdu is a city once you arrive you’ll never want to leave. With various expectations, I planned my four-day tour to Chengdu.

The air was mixed with water vapour and I began to pray the future four days would be sunny.

Jinli Ancient Street

Jinli Ancient Street is an old business street located in Chengdu, Sichuan province, which can dates back to Qin or Han Dynasty. Jinli Ancient Street is next to the Temple of Wuhou (Zhuge Liang, a brilliant politician in Three Kingdoms Period). Now the whole street has been developed to be a folk commercial pedestrian street but still preserves its traditional folk customs of Shu Kingdom.

Temple of Wuhou

Then I visited Temple of Wuhou. The temple is built to memorize Zhuge Liang, the distinguished statesman and strategist during the Three Kingdom Period, meanwhile the symbol of wisdom in Chinese people’s mind. For his accomplishments as the minister and great personality, he was gain the name of Martial Marquis after his death. Hence, the temple got the name.

The first building time of the temple cannot be found out now, however, it can be deducted that the time at least was as early as Tang Dynasty according to a famous Tang Poem by Tu Fu. Today, the temple covers an area of 37, 000 square meters and surrounded by the red wall as well as the green pine trees. The main building is located in the north part of the complex facing to the south. Along the axle wire, there are located the gate, the second gate, Temple of Liu Bei, the corridor, and Temple of Zhuge Liang one by one. Inside the temple, there are 41 statues of historical figures of Shu State during the Three Kingdoms period. Each figure is of 1.7 to 3 meters tall and made by deft craftsmen in Qing Dynasty. The most valuable relic in the temple is the Tang stone tablet erected between the gate and the second gate. The tablet is 367 centimeters tall and 95 centimeters wide, which was made in the year of 809. It was named ‘Three Success’ because of the wonderful inscribed article, the excellent inscribed calligraphy skill and the respected characteristics of Zhuge Liang mentioned in the article.

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