China Holidays Group Tour to Mt. Taishan

Standing at the top of the Mt. Taishan, I still can feel my heart beating with wild pleasure, thinking the happy moment just had. This is the magnificent memory to ascend this mountain. We can arrange our time and make this trip a leisure and pleasant one. Our group from China Holidays chose the route of Red Gate-Tight Twisting 18-South Heavenly Gate-Temple of Jade Emperor on the top, which is the ancient imperial worshiping route, also known as Imperial Path only for the great emperors.

To ascent to Mt. Taishan can be made in three to four hours, but for our big group will spend whole afternoon for conquering. However, I’d like to recommend that visitors take little drinks and snacks while climbing and they can be bought alone the way even on the top of mountain. The best choice for the path leads to the top is from the very beginning: the First Heavenly Portal, it awaits us at the bottom of the first series of steps. Just behind it, a stone archway commemorates the place where Confucius rested before climbing. On the both sides, all kinds of souvenir shops are in the hot sales. The most popular product is the Taishan red ribbons, if you would like have a good luck in your future you can have one and tie it on the tree here during your trip to Mt. Taishan. Your dreams will come true very soon. Passing the stone archway named Stairs to the Sky, the Red Gate palace named after some red stones nearby is beside the path. Then, you will see the Tower of the Ten thousand Immortals, built over the path in the Ming Dynasty.

Still further up the steps, on the right lies the Temple of the Goddess of the Big Dipper, which has a ten thousand tree. The locals always call it the God of wealth tree. It is a very lucky name, isn’t it? After the temple, the path becomes very steep and an archway indicates the point where the Horses are Turned Back. After 3 hours, we have arrived the Middle Heavenly Gate, some of us are already exhausted and go to take the cable car. At this time, nothing can change my persistence because I believe I can manage it. I feel the smell of the air and leaves and indulge myself in the nature creation. From time to time, the steps along the way change their width and just like a naughty boy make fun of me. Unknowingly, I have reached the Tight Twisting 18. When you look up, you can feel the series of steps emerge in endlessly. Just then, my guest helps me with my big bag and when I was in a surprise, he is starting to run up the mountain. I summon up my courage just follow him. In front of us is the long road but each step with my sweat is near to the top. Finally, we are all on arrival at the South Heavenly Gate. It is hard but very happy and excited. We are all by ourselves to the near top. So the next is to the Temple of Jade Emperor on the top.

We eventually have succeeded for this attraction and this is our group tour’s big day. As the growth of the age, we all have different experience. Everyone’s impression of this mountain tour is in constant change. But there is no doubt that, the identity of the Mt. Taishan is always a mystery in everyone’s heart.

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