Getting to know Hong Kong in 4 Hours

What else can we do in Hong Kong except for shopping, Disney Land and Ocean Park? Hong Kong Museum of History is a perfect start for a day trip in Hong Kong. The museum is only 15 minutes walking distance from a main shopping street in Kowloon which is Nathan Road. It is located in a very peaceful area facing The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. When visited it in Mid-November, I noticed there were many young students lining in the main entrance and there were more inside.

The museum is now having the exhibition named “The Hong Kong Story” which is composed of 6 sections: Prehistoric era, Imperial China era (221BC-1911AD), Colonial Hong Kong era (1800s-1930s), Japanese Occupation era (1940s), Post Japanese Occupation, Modern Hong Kong (1950s-present). The exhibits show us the abundant information about Hong Kong, its people and cultural background. You can see the first ethnic groups of early Hong Kong, their lives, such as Traditional Marriage Customs, Polytheistic Beliefs and Practice, local festivals, such as Seven Sisters Festival, Hoklo Dragon-boat Dance, etc. You can even see Salt Making Procedures, Stone mill used to squeeze juice out of sugar cane. Also, there are many old black-and-white photos displaying the urban life of Hong Kong in 1960s- 1980s which was impressed, such as Riots in 1967, Queue for water in 1962, Bank runs in 1965. Also there are displays of modern industries which eventually made Hong Kong a prosperous harbor as well as the final centre in the Far East. They are Clock and Watches Industries, Toy Industries, etc. In the meantime, you can sit down in one of the visual cinema room to have a better understanding of the history. My favourite one is “Drama is Life: Leisure and Entertainment in Hong Kong in 1960s and 1970s”. It lasts 8 minutes and it was really great to see many film stars there. All of these provided a vivid memory of Hong Kong in the past years. The Hong Kong Story finishes with Return of Hong Kong 1997 indicating the important historical point and new start for Hong Kong and its people.

Four hours has flown away. When stepping out of the museum, I was greeted with the smiling face of friendly staff of the museum. I felt like a student just finishing a class with my teachers. It is a very enjoyable and educating experience. In a word, Hong Kong Museum is an ideal choice for a half day trip in Hong Kong, so please don’t miss it.

Entrance fee: HKD10 per adult; Half Price for school students, disabled and senior citizens aging 60 and above; HKD7 per person for a group more than 20 people. For more information, please send email to