Joyful Experience in Lijiang

There’s a saying that “exploring Lijiang is like opening a Chinese jewel chest”. You will find how true it is as soon as you pace on the land of Lijiang.  Lijiang is a remote town of Yunnan Province, locating at the bottom of the Himalayas and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

As many people do, I was attracted to Lijiang by its fantastic landscape and rich culture. The old town of Lijiang is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, springs, lakes and frothy rivers. There are over 22 different ethnic minorities have been lived in Lijiang, amongst them are the Lisu, Pumi, Bai, Yi, Tibetan, Miao and Naxi.

Naxi is the major  ethnic group in Lijiang and they created their unique culture including customs and even language. Dongba script is the character of Naxi group, which is a kind of cuneiform and might be the only ancient pictograph that is still used in present time.

Lijiang is a beautiful town that is  full of cobbled streets, crisscrossing canals flowing with water, swaying willow trees and gaily-hued blossoms. There are also many stone or wooded bridges that are  either flat or arched, and many of them have a roof.

Besides, Lijiang old town has another side  when the night falls. There are many bars and pubs as well as many unique small shops “shining” in the night along the rivers. Taking a special cocktail sitting in the local old house, you can feel the integration of traditional culture and  fashion.

I enjoyed the impressive tour in Lijiang very much. Isn’t is a wise choice to take several days to Lijiang to experience a different life and relax each part of your body and mind?