Tour of Shaoxing Watertown on Wupeng Boat

Among the watertowns in the southern region of Yangtze River, Shaoxing is a unique one with its specialties. The tags of Shaoxing cover a wide scale including culture, cuisine, and also literature. The most well-known key words of Shaoxing shall be Lu Xun, yellow rice wine, and Wupeng boat.

Lu Xun is one of the most significant literary giants lived during 1881-1936, who wrote the first novel in vernacular Chinese. Shaoxing is Lu Xun’s hometown, and he wrote many articles about this charming city. It seems that the most important thing of traveling to Shaoxing shall be visiting the former residence of Lu Xun. Walking along down the street of Lu Xun’s former residence, I can see many familiar places that I have read in his books, which is really a wonderful experience to get in the spot of these places.

After visiting the former residence, tasting the local food and drink is a really good choice. Shaoxing is very famous for its mellow yellow rice wine. Pick a small porterhouse along the riverside and order a pot of Shaoxing wine, I can feel the embrace of local culture and feel warm deep in heart.

Also, you can’t miss the Wupeng boat in Shaoxing. Wupeng boat is a kind of boat with black awning. Sitting on the delicate Wupeng boat, you can talk with the amiable boatman, who knows a lot about Shaoxing and may tell you some little stories.

The whole city of Shaoxing is peaceful and beautiful. The Wupeng boat, the stone arch bridge across a small river, houses of local people along the riverside, which sees like a Chinese ink and wash painting, smells like aged and mellow Shaoxing wine, and feels like a paradise on earth.

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