Ten Reasons to Spend Chinese New Year in Mt Changbaishan

1.  To pray in Mt Changbaishan! It has been respected as Holy Mountain since ancient time and was regarded as where emperors were born. In Qing Dynasty, Changbaishan has been worshipped by several great emperors, such as Kangxi, Qianlong and Jiaqing. Heavenly Lake is the tallest volcano lake in the world and the largest in China and it is the origin of three main rivers in Northeastern China, Songhua River, Yalv River and Tumen River. Travelling to Changbaishan when Chinese New Year falls, it will bring you auspiciousness and strength.

2.  To take a deep breath in Changbaishan! The forest of Changbaishan maintains a great eco system and it features with fresh air and abundant trees. There is no PM2.5 nor pollution of industrial civilization. After enduring an extreme climate in Changbaishan where could be as cold as -20℃, you will find yourself not afraid of coldness any more.

3.  Safe tour in Changbaishan! It is not long since Changbaishan was developed into a tourist attraction. The local people are honest and friendly. The prices are crystal clean. No matter you are walking around in the scenic area or buying any goods in the small town, you won’t be worried about being cheated.

4.  Wanda Hotels resort has eight international standard hotels from super luxury Park Hyatt to Grand Hyatt, Westin, Sheraton, Holiday Inn Resort and to Holiday Inn Express and Ibis. All include buffet breakfasts, free indoor swimming pool, Gym, Kids’ garden and other facilities and all provides first-class service to customers.

5.  Free skiing in Changbaishan! The resort provides the best ski facilities in Asia and equips with Frence made 8-seater cable cars which can take you to the top of hills safely and speedy. They also provides free ski clothes, ski sledge for free as well!

6.  Professional evening entertainment in Changbaishan! In the night, you will enjoy Heavenly Changbai show which is designed and performed by Jilin Provincial Singing and Dance Troup which is the best local performing group. The performance covers folk dance, ballet, acrobatics, magics and so on. With it’s high-tech skills and theoretical facilities, you will have a fantastic artistic enjoyment there.

7.  Snowing activities for free! In Fukulun lake, there are more than 40 snow activities for you to experience, such as Ice Bicycle, Ice Skating, Ice Bumper Car, Snow room, Ice Slides, etc . You can play in the snow and make Snowman and your hotel provides tools and grounds for free!

8.  Changbaishan airport has free shuttle bus to your hotel! The Changbaishan Airport is located in the heart of forest and from airport to Wanda hotels, there are free shuttle bus coping with each flights landing and departing. You might sit in air-con buses running through pine forest and snow land and arrive in your warm home-away-from-home.

9.  Broaden your knowledge in Changbaishan! In Changbai Wanda resort you may visit Saman Museum for free. Entering Changbai National Reserve, you will find yourself in a kingdom of animals and plants. There are altogether over 2500 species of wild plants and more than 360 kinds of wild animals which ensure you a deep understanding of biodivisity. Looking around, you will see glacial landforms and volcano remains all around.

10.  Join in the Chinese New Year tour to Changbaishan and tell us your REASON of travelling to Changbaishan, you will have the chance of winning RMB500-worth prize. Only 10 places are left, so call us now! 010- 64096567 Beijing Office.