Tour of Suzhou Gardens

This is my first time have the tour in Suzhou and I would like to say I love October in this city. You can indulge yourself in such adorable nature and feel its freshness and green trees. This is the seasonal trip mixed by summer and fall, which is best time for visiting.

Morning, we have the opportunity to explore the Garden of the Master of the Nets. It is laid out in the year of 1140 by a retired official. This small tour of garden but has its own features to make visitors have an unforgettable memory. The main pond is in the center and with artificial hills. Just over half the grounds is the residential area which lies on the east and north–originally with side rooms for sedan-chair lackeys, guests reception and living quarters. The western part is an inner garden where a courtyard contains the Cottage of Spring Rear and the Master’s Study. This garden tour is a particularly show to give a vivid picture. It is a good use of walls to create a multiple perspectives and an illusion of space. Despite the size, the scale of the building is large and it does not appear cramped.

After lunch, we all expect the afternoon tour for the Humble Administrator’s Garden, which was laid out in the Ming Dynasty by a retired censor. Exploring this one of most famous gardens in China will be a great trip during our journey. This garden is a five-hectare water park that includes steams, ponds, bridges and islands of bamboo. The garden seems to be built entirely on water. The Central Garden’s main feature is large lake with two islands that give an impression of spaciousness. On the south shore is the Hall of Distant Fragrance which has a sober and classical design. From the hall, you can get the view of everything through lattice windows. A wall, which has a rising top and the head of a dragon at the end, separates the Central Garden from the West Garden.

If you never have a trip to come here, you won’t understand why almost the emperors in ancient China like the experiences in Suzhou gardens. Not only for their waters or rocks and hills, but also it has become to a spirit for leisure and purpose for the life.