Winter tour in Harbin

Due to the work, I went to Harbin in summer for several times. I appreciate its broad streets, glorious constructions and straightforward residents. The Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival always stirs my heart, so this winter I started off.

I packaged my fur hat, ear pads, scarf, woolen sweater, down coat, down pants, snow jogging shoes and gloves. When I arrived there, I found that the local people, especially the young never look like this. Our dress stood out in the crowd. A man stared at me and say” You are from the South, right?” Fortunately, he didn’t ask whether I was from the Mars.

Walking for several minutes, my breath froze on the scarf. Now you can understand its coldness.

Passing by two streets, I stood before the Saint Sophia Cathedral. In summer, there were new couples taking wedding photos.

The Central Street is Harbin’s most famous street. In the early morning, the sunlight cast shadows on the paved road. It’s the most beautiful time during a day. There are rows of store standing beside the street, selling local products.

Harbin Ice Festival is a great opportunity for those ice sculpture artists to show their amazing talents. During the Harbin Ice Festival, numbers of ice sculpture artists gather here and like the ice magicians make their imagination and brilliance into fantastic ice sculptures. In the day, you can see the ice magicians take the ice away and create their works. In the night, hundreds of thousands of tourists crowd here and enjoy the splendid lights give off from the ice sculptures.

The Harbin Snow World was like a fairytale world. Every ice castle varies with colors. The carriage carried tourists moving through the ice sculptures.