Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

Known as the “Eastern Moscow”, northeast China’s Harbin has always been regarded as a unique and exotic city.

Central Street in downtown Harbin is the ultimate symbol of the city. Harbin Sun Island Scenic Area is the perfect place to free from hot sun in summer.

Here, you can embrace the white sand, blue water, green field, blooming flowers, and cool weather. In winter, the island covered with white snow presents another beauty. It becomes a paradise for ice-snow travel. Sun Island is used as the playground for various winter sports. Skiing, Hockey, skating, and sledding games are all organized here.

At this time, the Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Expo will be held for about two months in the island, exhibits enthralling ice or snow sculptures and architectures. Exquisitely arts of ice and snow sculpture all splendid. Besides, the island park possesses the never-down spectacle, the Harbin Ice and Snow Art Gallery. When you walk in, the space is bizarre and motley, dreamful and illusionary as if the winter is just in front of you.

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival will be opened on January 5 of each year, this frosty wonderland in northern China features crazy sculptures made from massive ice locks and illuminated with colorful LED lights.

Sculptors have been carving away with ice picks, chisels and lasers for the last two weeks in preparation.

The result is an exhibition of extravagant castles, a Colosseum and Empire State Building, all made with ice blocks from the frozen Songhua River.

As China’s most famous and popular winter attraction, the festival has drawn a combined 28.5 million visitors in the past two years.

To combat Harbin’s sub-zero temperatures, organizers have set up 13 hot beverage stations around the park and offer complementary ginger tea at its concierge hall.

Depending on weather, the festival is open until the end of February.

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