Unforgettable Trip to Confucius Forest

After exploring Beijing’s historical heritage sites, such as the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, etc. We take the high speed train to Qufu, which is prestigious for the hometown of Confucius. The Confucianism has influenced Chinese people about two thousand years, which is a patriarchal religion that reveres heaven and ancestors. We call him Master Kong who is the greatest teacher during Chinese long history. Almost persons come to this city tour and pay much attention for the Confucius mansion and temple, but this time I would like to tell a story about this peaceful and quiet courtyard. This area is not only the cemetery or tomb. This is the island full of dignity and honor.

Confucius Forest is the largest and oldest family cemetery. Confucius and his descendants rest amid trees, pavilions and statues. When come in the gate, the best choice is take the eco-car for the trip that will save lots of time and strength. Sitting on the car and watching the green trees on both sides, scenery is coming into your eyes and making you have an illusion for the moment. It is not just a trip or tour in a graveyard but a journey for the soul and heart. Just like to purify our noisy life by this peaceful destination. All the history hides behind the tablets and pavilions is aged by the passing dynasties. Stand here, I want to forget the number of years or the details on the text book. According to historical records, Confucius was buried here after his death. At first, the graveyard was about 7 hectares but had reached more than 200 hectares in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), since it received fields from the emperor of every dynasty. I’m looking forward to the only thing is tracing back to the Warring States period. When Confucius left this world, who was the first one dug the first loess out and buried their teacher here. Time pushed slowly, Confucius Forest has high tombstones for Confucius’ generations. They all slept eternally here.

The driver pulls over the car, we continue our tour and walk through the gate, I can see the officials and mystical animal named Luduan as servants besides the path and it leads us to the tomb of Confucius located in the northwest of the graveyard in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty (770-256BC). A monument established in the eighth year of the Zhengtong Emperor reign in the Ming Dynasty (1644-1911) stands in front of the tomb, to the east of which is the tomb of Kong Li, Confucius ‘s son, and to the south is the tomb of Kong Ji, Confucius ‘s grandson. The layout of graveyard was called carrying the son and holding the grandson in ancient times. Indulge ourselves in the ancient occasion, this trip is like traveling by time machine. Send us to see the other world. Nearby, there is Zigong’s house for guarding the tomb who is a student of Confucius. It is recorded in the historical records named Records of the Great Historian that after the death of Confucius, his disciples all built houses to guard the tomb and mourned for three years. Student Zigong mourned for another three years due to his deep mourning for Confucius. In the Ming Dynasty, the three houses were rebuilt, and a monument was set to commemorate it. In Confucius Forest, the old trees reach the sky, with dense branches and leaves keeping out the sunlight around the year. Maybe like me, you would like to know the number of old trees here. There are dozens of kinds of rare old trees, such as Chinese cypress, Chinese juniper, and oak, amounting to more than 20,000 trees in this yard.

In the early evening, we eventually have to finish this trip here.

Time is closing the sunset, we have to finish this trip back to the ancient city wall for rest. All of us are sitting on the floor made of ancient stones they are felt smooth and shiny. At the same time, a local old man with his grandson and granddaughter, they are smiling at us and enjoy the warming sunshine. This quiet ancient town returns to the original appearance just the curtain comes down.