Travel ideas for the Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese festival with more than 2000-year history, which started from the Warring States Period.

There are many folk stories about the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival. One version is to memorize the great poet Qu Yuan. One version goes that it’s for Cao E, a dutiful daughter in Chinese history. Whatever the truth is, the Dragon Boat Festival has been a important day in Chinese culture.

How to spend the three-day Dragon Boat Festival holiday? Well, there are some suggestions.

The First Destination: Ruyuan Grand Canyon.

According to Geologists, the Ruyuan Grand Canyon belongs to quartz sandstone landform. Thousands of years of weathering and erosion form the Ruyuan Grand Canyon magnificent, peculiar, beautiful landscape. The Ruyuan Grand Canyon boasts waterfalls, fresh air and various plants. The Tenglong Waterfall falls down from the 200-meter high cliff and bring you a breath-taking view.

The Second Destination: Shawan Ancient Town

Shawan Ancient Town, with a history of more than 800 years, is located in the center of Pearl River Delta. With an air of traditional Guangzhou, prosperous commerce, Shawan Ancient Town is renowned for its name of Sanjie Liushi (Three Streets and Six Markets). It ‘s a concentration area of stylish constructions in Ming and Qing Dynasties.

The Third Destination: Dashatou Wharf

If you have never traveled through the cultural heritages along the Pearl River, you cannot say you really came to Guangzhou. The attractions along the Pearl River go with you no matter in day or at night. It’s a perfect place to date with your love.

The Fourth Destination: Shimen National Forest Park

With the green peaks, turbulent clouds, stylish valleys, various flowers and birds, the Shimen National Forest Park stands out in all seasons. It’s an ideal place for family tour.

The Fifth Destination: Baoqu Roses World

Baoqu Roses World is the first roses-themed park in China. It imported over 300 kinds of roses seaside.

The Sixth Destination: Panlong Gorge

It seems that the sky of the Panlong Gorge during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday is painted with purple and leads you into a fairy world with an ocean of lavender, European style wooden houses and white Holland windmills.