Lingyin Temple, a fairy place in Hangzhou

In my imagination about Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou, I can hear the sound of the bell in the morning and listening to the drum sound at dusk. This imagination excited me every time I remembered Linying Temple.

Lingyin Temple was founded in the Eastern Jin Dynasty period, then India monk Hui Li saw the mountains here were very beautiful. He believed that there is a fairy place, so he decided to build a temple here, named “Ling yin”.

Walking in the Lingyin Temple in Spring or Summer, you will find the temperature here is lower, that’s like to enjoy the natural air conditioning. If you are lucky, you will find a little squirrel eating fruits on the tree. Here it is green everywhere, you feel cool and comfortable. In the city of all the troubles, you will forget, enjoy the feeling here.

The main attractions of Lingyin Temple is Klippe, klippe in geology is a limestone. There are a lot of strange stones and many old trees. The most magical is, klippe cave in cliffs, carved from the Five Dynasties to the song and Yuan period, more than 470 statues of stone carvings. The carving is very beautiful, although after many years, some carving is not clear, but look carefully, you will see the beauty of sculpture.

I heard if you come to Lingyin Temple to Buddha: Handheld candles, from the four corners of the world in four directions the worship time, pray for God’s protection. In each house should also pay attention to the order, king hall, main hall, pharmacist hall is the three main hall.

Yongfu temple in the mountains of Lingyin Temple, more quiet. When you experienced in the Buddhist holy places, walking in the mountains, you can feel this quiet at the moment, and enjoy the culture of Lingyin Temple.

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