Eating in Guangzhou

Guangzhou — known historically as Canton, is the capital and largest city of Guangdong province. Located on the Pearl River, Guangzhou is a key national transportation hub and trading port. Guangzhou is the third largest Chinese city and southern China’s largest city.

The local cuisine, Cantonese cuisine is well-known for its color, fragrance, taste and presentation, and it is ranked among the top four of China. In particular, dim sum, a delicate pastry, is famous for being simple yet delicious. Local customs, as well as a long history of contact with the West compared to other regions in China, have played a major role in the development and diversity of Cantonese cuisine. It is said, authentic Cantonese cuisine is also famous throughout China for another reason – Cantonese people eat absolutely anything, and it is often said that Cantonese people eat anything that has four legs other than a table, anything that flies other than an airplane, and anything that swims other than a submarine. In addition to that, various internal organs of animals are regularly eaten, such as the liver, kidneys, heart and even brain. This is how Guangzhou earned the distinct name of “Eating in Guangzhou.”

White Cut Chicken

This is one of the most popular Cantonese dishes. It is lightly flavored to allow one to taste the true chicken meat. Many Cantonese restaurants have their signature dish based on this, such as the Wenchang Chicken from Guangzhou Restaurant, Real Taste Chicken from Bingsheng Restaurant and Qingping Chicken from various restaurants. However, to be cautious, especially westerners, since the chicken is completely steam without any cut off, you might see the head and feet of the chicken

Yum Cha / Dim Sum

“A pot of tea with two pieces ” is Guangzhou’s dim sum culture. Many locals stay for hours chatting and reading newspaper with just a small order of food. The varieties of dim sum dishes in many restaurants are easily over a hundred. The bite-size quantity of each dish allows one to venture out and try new things that will satisfy one’s taste bud.

Siu Mei / Shao Wei

Cantonese barbecue is famous around the world where many have seen the image of roasted ducks and chicken hanging in front of a store. Siu mei is a staple item in Cantonese restaurants. Some Varieties include barbecued pork, roast goose and roast pig .


Eating fresh seafood the Cantonese way is a good way to explore Cantonese culture. From picking live fish or lobsters in front of your eyes to eating the sea creatures with their heads attached, this is a great advanture for any visitors.


A Cantonese meal is not complete without Cantonese desserts. Soupy or custard desserts are common. Two distinct Guangzhou favorites are double layered milk and ginger milk curd. Other popular choices include tofu pudding, red bean paste, green bean paste, guilinggao, black sesame paste and sago.

Lian Xianglou

Founded in 1889, Lian Xiang Lou is a famed Cantonese restaurant across China. Local gourmets may disdain its dishes but its bakery is still popular among tourists.