Best Choice for the Coming World Tourism Day

The “World Tourism Day” falls on September 27th. It is a festival determined by the World Tourism Organization for all tourists and tourism workers. In September 27, 1970, the International Official Tourism Union adopted the statute of the world tourism organization at a special congress held in Mexico. In memory of the day, the World Tourism Organization officially put September 27th as the “World Tourism Day “.

To popularize the tourism concept, clarify the role and significance as well as promote its development, each year the world tourism organization will set a theme for the world tourism day since 1980 and tourism organizations of all nations will carry out activities based on the annual theme and requirements. China became an officially member of the World Tourism Organization in 1983.

This year’s “World Tourism Day” is about coming and the propaganda slogan of this year is “Beautiful China, 2014 —— Year of Smart Travel”. Speak of which, Jiuzhaigou Valley is a perfect choice.

Located at the Aba Autonomous Region, northwest of Sichuan Province, Jiuzhaigou Valley is listed by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage. And it never fails this reputation with its breathtaking scenery in all seasons.

Water is the soul of the valley. The lake here is crystal clear all around the year, surrounded by blowing flowers and old trees, with the exquisite reflection of the colorful forests, it is like an elegant jade inlaid on this land. Water flows in the forest while the trees growing in the water, it could never be more harmonious. The falls run out of the jungle and just like a huge white silk made from a green loom.

Jiuzhaigou Valley owns much original forest. When autumn comes, the whole mountain is like wearing a ribbon made of trees in dazzling colors.

The name Jiuzhaigou comes from the nine Tibetan villages scattered throughout the valley, which makes it a wonderful place to experience the Tibetan customs.