Red Gate Gallery

The Red Gate Gallery in Beijing holds open studio exhibitions. Visitors can see how resident international artists work, live and create in Beijing.

Founded in 1991 by Brian Wallace who first arrived in China in 1984, Red Gate Gallery is the first private contemporary art gallery to be established in China. Prior to opening its doors at the 600-year old Ming dynasty watchtower in Dongbianmen, Brian Wallace has started from the late 80s to organize and curate exhibitions for young Chinese artists in other exotic locations such as the Ancient Observatory.

Today, Red Gate is recognized both as a tour de force and trail blazer in the history and development of the contemporary Chinese art scene. Over the last 20 years, the gallery has been engaging and promoting Chinese artists by exhibiting the best of Chinese contemporary art as well as facilitating cultural exchanges and dialogues between China and the rest of the world through its vibrant residency program established in 2001.