Mount Wutai

Mount Wutai Located in northeastern Shanxi Province, Wutai Shan is the oldest of the Four Sacred Mountains in Chinese Buddhism and is also home to Wenshu, the bodhisattva of wisdom.
When you first arrive at Wutai Shan, you will find yourself in Taihuai , a bustling town located in the valley below the mountain’s five peaks. Here, you can find numerous hotels and restaurants.
some of the temples located around the base of the mountain. While many of the temples are free, some have an admission fee of around RMB 10. Prominent temples include Luohou Si a temple with a marked Tibetan Buddhist influence, Tayuan Si, which features numerous Buddhist artifacts, and Xiantong Si.
After exploring the base of the mountain, it’s time for something more exhilarating. If you like a challenge, why not climb the 1,080 steps from Dailuoding to Wenshu Temple? In the past, pilgrims that were unable to visit all of Wutai Shan’s five peaks sometimes chose to journey up this enormous flight of steps instead. Now, you’re just as likely to see tourists as pilgrims climbing the steps. The faithful prostrate themselves on the ground as tourists snap pictures of them and shopkeepers hawk their wares on the sides.
On your second day in Wutai Shan, eschew the more touristy sites in favor of hiking one or more of the five mountain peaks. The most difficult is the North Peak, followed by the East and West Peaks Middle Peak, and South Peak. Of course, cable cars carry visitors to each of the peaks from the foot of Dailuo Peak in the center of Taihuai.
In short, Wutai Shan is an amazing place. It comes as no surprise that pilgrims have come here for hundreds of years to meditate on the meaning of life. Hopefully, when your family’s stay at Wenshu’s place of power is over, you too will come away with something that wasn’t there before.