Peking Man site at Zhoukoudian

Peking Man Museum or Peking Man Relics Museum is situated in the village of Zhoukoudian near Beijing. An important Paleolithic site, this site was first excavated in 1927, in a cave on Dragon Bone Hill at Zhoukoudian, southwest of Beijing. In 1929, skull fossils of Peking Man were discovered here, providing concrete evidence for the […]

Fahai Temple and Tian Yi MU

Fahai Temple was completed in 1443, and what sets Fahai Temple apart from other Buddhist temples are the 500-year-old frescoes, all 236sqm of them. When the temple was constructed, every hall had frescos; now, only those in Mahariva Hall (the main hall) survive. While Fahai Temple is not the only Chinese temple with frescoes, it […]

Mount Wutai

Mount Wutai Located in northeastern Shanxi Province, Wutai Shan is the oldest of the Four Sacred Mountains in Chinese Buddhism and is also home to Wenshu, the bodhisattva of wisdom. When you first arrive at Wutai Shan, you will find yourself in Taihuai , a bustling town located in the valley below the mountain’s five […]