Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake, known as “Kokonor” in Mongolian and “Tso Ngonbo” in Tibetan, is the largest lake in China. Tibetan nomads live around the lake, and in the summer, fields of rapeseed flowers bloom on the shores. Of the five small islands in the lake, Bird Island is the most well-known, as many species of migratory […]

Tea Horse Trade Route

The over 1,800 year old Tea Horse Trade Route starts from Simao, a place that has been famous for its Pu’er tea, in southwest China’s Yunnan province. The Tea Horse Trade Route, or simply Tea Horse Road, goes from its southern end to Southeast Asia, connects Beijing from its north and zigzags to Tibet from […]

I visited many palaces in China and the Summer Palace impressed me the most. We went there in the early summer. The weather was comfortable when it was neither cold nor hot. The first impression the Summer Palace left on me was its size. I walked from the early morning until its close time and […]