It’s quite possible that Nanluoguxiang is one of the most famous Hutong districts in Beijing. Hutongs refer to the old style alleyways where large number of one-story courtyard houses are located in Beijing. Many of these areas are now protected in order to preserve their unique architecture. Nanluoguxiang is one of these places, which has […]

Ulaanbaatar Naadam Festival

The biggest event of the Mongolian year for foreigners and locals alike is the¬†Naadam Festival¬†held in July in Ulaanbaatar. Wrestling, archery and horse racing are held during the first and second days. Very little happens on the third day, so get drunk the day before, and use it to recover from a hangover like everybody […]

Moller Villa

The Moller Villa, one of Shanghai’s architectural marvels, was built by Swedish shipping tycoon Eric Moller and completed in 1936. Legend has it that Jewish Eric Moller came to Shanghai in 1919 empty-handed and made his fortune here by winning large sums at the horse races, culminating in the construction of this fantasy home for […]