Qingdao is a different place

The original city of Qingdao was largely laid out by the German imperial government in the early 20th century during the period of colonial occupation. In spite of the bitter historical echoes, this legacy nonetheless makes Qingdao an exceptional city in which to wander. Old German-style villas and townhouses with yellow walls and beautiful red […]

One day trip in phoenix town

You can venture out to the flowing attractions if you have one day in the ancient town of Phoenix. Starting from your hotel at 08:30am, driving about 1.5 hours, you will arrive at Guoliang Miao Village, Gouliang Miao Village is located southwest of the ancient town of Phoenix. It is a good place to learn […]

Traveling in Dali and Lijiang

Kunming is the capital of Yunnan is said to be the city of eternal spring, because of its pleasant climate year round. It is quite relaxed for a large Chinese city. I stayed at the Camelia hostel. They have bike rentals which is a great way to go around the city. Dali has an old […]