How to spend a Christmas Day in Shanghai

The Creative Christmas Market is a new addition to Shanghai’s festivities calendar. It features a specially constructed, 150-square-meter outdoor ice skating rink to celebrate the holiday season. Around the ice rink are 20 vendors selling Christmassy gifts, food and drinks. Christmas is just two days away and it usually involves costly gift-buying, eating and drinking. […]

Christmas couture

When Christmas approaches, Beijing dresses accordingly. Tinsel and plastic green garlands decorate shop and cafĂ© counters, Christmas trees loom in hotel and office lobbies, and rosy-cheeked paper cutouts of Santa’s face decorate nearly every restaurant door. Yes, the city is well dressed, but how about you? Lifestyle went on a mission in search of classic […]

The Terracotta Warriors

Terracotta Warriors, originally uploaded by China.Holidays. As you’re probably aware, the British Museum is currently hosting an exhibition of some of the famous Terracotta Warriors. Here at China Holidays we thought you might like to see some photographs of them in situ. The figures are 2,200 years old and (obviously) made from terra cotta. 20 […]