Explore Landzhou along the Yellow River

On banks of Yellow River are buildings and streets. And this is Lanzhou City. I used to see several Lanzhou natives drink white spirit. When a server came to ask what staple food they would like, they answered with one voice “our Lanzhou chow noodle”. Lanzhou chow noodle is famous across China. You can see […]

Tianjin, a city for cozy life

It’s convenient to visit Tianjin  from Beijing. I have been there twice. The first time I went there for a friend’s birthday. The second time was for myself—I felt life too boring and wanted to find some excitement by myself. Although both were one day tour, the city impressed me with its cozy lifestyle. There […]

A Special Suzhou along the Grand Canal

The Grand Canal was once notorious in Chinese history, because the emperor Yang of Sui Dynasty built it for his self entertainment. Then as historians came to realize its great value in enhancing communication between the north and the south and promoting the economic development of the whole country, it regained reputation and status in […]