An amazing tour to the Potala Palace

Lhasa has always been a paradise of pureness in my mind. Amy, one of my classmates is from Lhasa. She is a Tibetan who is proud of her hometown. Thus she told us a lot about Lhasa and Tibetan culture. This summer, I went there with Chinaholidays. We went to Potala Palace first. As far […]

Mosuo People, a marriage-free group

Lijiang is always being said to be a fairyland beneath the colorful clouds of southern China. I have heard enough praises about it and I decided to check it out. Only after I have arrived there did I believe that it was indeed a place blessed with fresh air, clear streams, breathtaking snow-capped mountains, and […]

Wuyi Mountain, a place of leisure

Wuyi Mountain, according to our tour guide, was just a huge rock on which yet you can travel for a whole day. It turned out true after we visited it. I found we climbed up from one side of the rock and then climbed down from the other side. The road was very narrow and […]