The real romantic Chinese holiday: Lantern Festival

Source: Global Times Forget Valentine’s Day. For romance lovers in the capital, it may be just as well that this most manufactured of Western holidays was eclipsed by the Spring Festival – on a day like that, family responsibility totally trumps affairs of the heart. But worry not frustrated lovers – this year, you get […]

Hutong worth more than Money

Have you ever heard of Hutong in Beijing? Are you interested in Beijing Hutong? I’d like to recommended this essay from Brendan Forde, CRI. Like many foreigners in Beijing, I have enjoyed exploring the hutong neighborhoods. Respectfully and unobtrusively walking down the alleyways, one can get a real feel of old Beijing. The hutong are […]

Martial arts and mysticism: the allure of Zhengzhou

As one of the ancient capital cities of China, Zhengzhou has a vast historical and cultural heritage. With more than 2,000 historic sites spread across the city, the capital of the central province of Henan has proved a hugely alluring destination for both domestic and overseas tourists. Monks practice kungfu at the renowned Shaolin Temple. […]