Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival also known Duanwu Jie falls on the fifth day on fifth lunar month of every year. This year, it corresponds to June 20. Since 2008, it has been considered a public holiday. Main activities during this time include eating zongzi (steamed glutinous rice with various fillings wrapped in reed or bamboo leaves), […]

Qu Fu

Qufu is the hometown of one of China’s most famous historical figures – Confucius. The legendary poet, teacher, philosopher, and politician grew up here, and his influence is clear everywhere you look. As the birthplace of China’s most revered sage, the city of Qufu occupies a hallowed place in the minds of not only the […]

Peking Man site at Zhoukoudian

Peking Man Museum or Peking Man Relics Museum is situated in the village of Zhoukoudian near Beijing. An important Paleolithic site, this site was first excavated in 1927, in a cave on Dragon Bone Hill at Zhoukoudian, southwest of Beijing. In 1929, skull fossils of Peking Man were discovered here, providing concrete evidence for the […]