Liu’s Manor Museum in Sichuan

Located in Dayi County of Sichuan Province, the Liu’s Manor Museum was the former residence of the big landlord Liu Wencai. It covers an area of 70,000 square meters, and consists of two big architecture groups. The buildings are very luxurious, and include various shapes such as rectangles, squares and terraces. It was converted into […]

The Exotic Charms of a Miao Village

An aerial view of Xijiang Miao Village in southwest China’s Guizhou province about 180 kilometers from Guiyang, the provincial capital. Xijiang Miao Village is a major stop on tourist itineraries. With about 1,000 “diaojiaolou,” or wooden houses on stilts, lining the mountain slope, the village has been home to members of the Miao ethnic minority […]