The Primitive Beauty of Tibet’s Nanyi Valley

Nanyi Valley is located inside Nyingchi Prefecture in the Tibet Autonomous Region and because of its wide, thick forest and lush water resources, is known as the “oxygen pump” of the region. From June to August, the landscape runs wild with blooming violets, a sight that attracts large numbers of tourists.

Have A Visit To Qibao Ancient Town

Located in the center of Minhang District of Shanghai, only 18 kilometers (11.18 miles) from the downtown area, Qibao Ancient Town can satisfy your curiosity about ancient water townships without the bother of either long distance or the rush of crowds. As the only ancient town forming part of greater Shanghai, with a history spanning […]

Explore the Amazing Kumbum Monastery

Kumbum Monastery, also known as Ta’er Si, is a Buddhist monastery in Qinghai province. Originated in 1379 from a pagoda, the monastery has a history of more than 600 years. It is located about 26 kilometers southwest of Xining and is set among flowing wheat fields and fertile hills. It is one of the two […]