Beijing Art Lifeļ¼šUllens Center for Contemporary Art

The 798 art district is China’s premiere art hub, and the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art is its nerve center. Tucked in off the main street, three caged trademark tyrannosaurus rexes stand as the landmark which has come to represent not only the UCCA, but 798 itself. Technically, the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art is […]

History on the Outskirts: Western Qing Tombs

Harems of imperial concubines, royal theft, arsenic poisoning, rumors of fratricide and patricide… Today’s peaceful sights of the Western Qing Tombs belie the periods of drama and intrigue that absorbed them before. Beijing may be renowned as the historical and cultural capital of China, but it accordingly has a reputation for drawing large crowds of […]

Mengshan Mountain Giant Buddha

Mengshan Mountain Giant Buddha, also called West Hill Giant Buddha, is located in the Mengshan Mountain, around 20 kilometers to the south west of the city of Taiyuan, Shanxi province. The Buddha statue facing south was built on the hills. The surface of the statue has suffered from serious denudation and been badly weathered. The […]