The Old Summer Palace

“It’s pretty boring,” commented one traveler about the Old Summer Palace. “The temple’s destroyed so there’s nothing to see,” she concluded. This view is not unjustified if one goes to the Old Summer Palace expecting to be entertained or intellectually stirred. Yes, there is history to be had, but what remains of the luxurious palace […]

Welcome to Mongolian Nadaam Festival

Nadaam Festival is one of the most important festivals in Inner Mongolia and is held on the fourth day of the sixth lunar month. As nadaam means recreation, games and the joy of harvest in Mongolian, herdsmen play various kinds of games, such as horse racing, wrestling and archery, to celebrate the good harvest and […]

Compound Culture in Shanxi

The unrivaled compound culture in Shanxi Province has been known throughout the world. The ancient local-style dwelling houses of Shanxi were quadrangle dwellings. They have rational layout and magnificent structures with unique brick carving, wood carving and stone sculptures. Among all the compounds in Shanxi, Chang Family Compound, as one of Shanxi’s several wealthy merchant’s […]