Chaoyang Park in Beijing

“Stay off the grass!” demand thousands of signs across thousands of green patches in the city, causing thousands of citizens to curse in disappointment, forbidden to commune with nature as nature intended. Save the rebels who ignore the signs and plop down to enjoy an impromptu picnic. For those less brazen, Beijing does have a […]

Beihai Park in Beijing

When Alice first arrived in Oz, she was amazed at the vibrant colors which enveloped her. Beihai Park can have a similar effect on people (particularly Beijingers), where the enveloping foliage of trees is so lush that it’s difficult to connect them with the dry grey streets beyond. Beihai is an ideal spot to while […]

Yuan Dadu Park in Beijing

A massive metropolis of city blocks and blocked up traffic intersections, Beijing is far from an ideal place for runners. Until you discover Yuan Dadu Park. As skinny as they come, the park may only be 150 m wide but its length is an impressive 9 km. Nine kilometers of water canal slices through the […]