Love unrequited in Shenyuan Garden

Unlike the Chinese gardens in Suzhou which are appreciated for their architecture, Shenyuan Garden in Shaoxing, a water town in Zhejiang province is sought by tourists who want to bask in the aura of an 800-year-old love story. Lu You was the famous Song Dynasty poet. He was separated from and forced to divorce his […]

Beijing: wheel it

“Get a bicycle. You will not regret it if you live.” That’s a quote by famous American writer Mark Twain, which aptly applies to Beijing, where most of its roads have designated cycling paths. The traffic lights in the city even have bikers in mind! Apart from cycling to tourist destinations such as the Great […]

Cycling in Guangzhou to Find Surprise

The best way to know Guangzhou is by cycling and one will be pleasantly surprised by the offerings of this metropolitan city. Newcomers must cycle to the biggest manmade lake in Guangzhou, Luhu Lake, to be one with nature and be dazzled by the flora and fauna surrounding it. The lake is surrounded by dense […]