Country Road Takes Me Yangshuo

Once in a while, city dwellers long to escape from life’s hustle and bustle, traffic jams and pollution. If there is only one place where city folks have time for, visit Yangshuo, a small rustic city surrounded by scenic mountains, rivers and caves. The best way to see the precinct is by cycling along the […]

The Last Shangri-La

Bamei Village, often called “the last Shangri-La”, is located in the Guangnan County of Yunnan province. The beautiful and magical views here have attracted a large number of tourists. The only way to enter the village is to pass a big cave waterway. After drifting slowly in the dark for around 10 minutes, the pass […]

Escape to Weizhou Island

Weizhou Island, located in Beihai city in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, is China’s largest albeit youngest volcanic island. The island faces Hainan island to the north, but it is not as well known among tourists as its neighbor. The island has a warm and humid climate all year round, with turquoise sea water and sandy […]