Going for a Song at Zhihua Temple

As you walk further and further into Lumicang Hutong, a busy little alleyway filled with fruit vendors, the more you doubt that one of the best preserved Ming dynasty Buddhist temples could be in the vicinity. But just before the end of the alley, you see the rippled black tile roofing of Zhihua come into […]

Music Festival Hot in Beijing

Beijing’s music festivals reach the point of supersaturation on the Mayday long weekend. Whether you’re up for traditional folk music, electro-dance-punk or grunge rock, these festivals will have something for you. This is the chance to sink into the pulse of China’s music scene; mix with music geeks, curious spectators, metal-heads, and omnipresent cool kids. […]

Du Fu Thatched Cottage in Chengdu

Du Fu Thatched Cottage is an idyllic 24-acre (97,000 m2) park and museum in honour of the Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu at the western outskirts of Chengdu, adjacent to the Huanhua Xi, (Flower Rinsing Creek). In 1961, the Chinese government established Du Fu Thatched Cottage as a national heritage site. Du, along with Li […]