The Forbidden City (Imperial Palace) at the heart of Beijing is the largest and most complete imperial palace and ancient building complex in China and the world at large. Its construction began in 1406 and was completed 14 years later, giving it a history of over 580 years. Twenty-four emperors from the Ming and Qing […]

Beijing’s Dragon Year Temple Fairs

Temple fairs have been a part of daily life in Beijing for hundreds of years becoming especially popular during the Qing dynasty. Scattered all over the city so residents could easily make their way to the nearest, some fairs were held as regularly as every fortnight. Between stalls perhaps hawking the kind of tat we […]

A week in Lijiang

Leaving the hype behind, Christopher Robiero takes a tourist mecca on its own terms. Recently I embarked on a five-week backpacking trip through China’s heartland, beginning in Shaanxi province through Sichuan all the way to the doorstep of Tibet, then made my way to Yunnan province. One planned stop along the way was the much […]