Moller Villa in Shanghai, A Fairytale Hideaway

Shanghai has an impressive collection of mansions and villas built by foreign venturers during the city’s colonial era. Among these, Moller Villa stands out for its fairytale-like appearance and history. The villa is known among locals as one that was built by a wealthy foreigner for his daughter who dreamed of living in a house […]

Tibetans celebrate Shoton Festival

Tibetans kicked off the annual Shoton Festival, or Yogurt Festival, on Monday by worshipping Buddha, taking in traditional Tibetan operas, and enjoying picnics in southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region. The opening ceremony attracted tens of thousands of people to the Drepung Monastery located in the western part of the region’s capital city of Lhasa. Tsering […]

A curtain of water falls at Wuling Mountain Resort

Of the many natural scenic resorts surrounding Beijing, the Wuling Mountain Resort is among the most sought after by residents hoping to escape the daily grind of city life. Located in Miyun County some 150 kilometers east of Beijing, Wuling Mountain is a national-level forest reserve. What distinguishes the reserve from other similar mountain resorts […]