A China Travelogue from A China Holidays Customer

Here is a China travelogue by puddleduck2 – one of China Holidays’ customers, posted at http://www.holidaytruths.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=70&t=85325&start=0. We booked via China Holidays in London – http://www.chinaholidays.com. They offer a range of services, including land only servcies if you want to book your own hotels and flights etc or, like we had, a tailor made package, where […]

New Beijing Trips

China Holidays has 4 new Beijing tours for travellers. 1. Beijing Weekend Trip to Datong Leave Beijing on early Saturday morning by private car/van to Datong and get back on Sunday afternoon. 2. Beijing Weekend Trip to Xian Leave Beijing on early Saturday morning by flight to Xian and get back early Monday morning by […]

The real romantic Chinese holiday: Lantern Festival

Source: Global Times Forget Valentine’s Day. For romance lovers in the capital, it may be just as well that this most manufactured of Western holidays was eclipsed by the Spring Festival – on a day like that, family responsibility totally trumps affairs of the heart. But worry not frustrated lovers – this year, you get […]