Hutong worth more than Money

Have you ever heard of Hutong in Beijing? Are you interested in Beijing Hutong? I’d like to recommended this essay from Brendan Forde, CRI. Like many foreigners in Beijing, I have enjoyed exploring the hutong neighborhoods. Respectfully and unobtrusively walking down the alleyways, one can get a real feel of old Beijing. The hutong are […]

The Calling from Kenting

This article is from, it’s really impressive. Kenting is a popular destination in southern Taiwan. Kenting is a popular destination in southern Taiwan. Kenting has long been famous for its Thailand beach kind of atmosphere, with its alluring sands and relaxed charms. The busiest season in Kenting, according to Jack Wu, general manager of […]

Top 10 Tibetan souvenirs

When you are traveling in Tibet, it’s really nice to collect some souvenirs. Here are some recommendations for you from People’s Daily online. Have you been to China’s Tibet? Do you know what souvenirs are worth buying during your travels in Tibet? Let’s have a look at the top 10 Tibetan souvenirs. Photo shows a […]