Mount Cangyanshan-Surprises at every turn

Temples cling precariously to sheer rock faces in Mount Cangyanshan, Hebei province. Remember the climactic scene in Ang Lee’s film, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Wohu, Canglong) when Zhang Ziyi takes her leap of faith and throws herself from the craggy heights into a never-ending ravine, till she is sucked into a misty haze? Lee swapped […]

What about Nanluoguxiang

Have you ever heard of Nanluoguxiang in Beijing? Here is an article about it: Nanluoguxiang authorities say they want more entertainment companies on the famous street. The managers of Nanluoguxiang, one of Beijing’s most popular streets with a 742-year history, plan to restrict the number of bars and cafes in the popular tourist precinct. Yu […]