West Lake

West Lake in Chinese is Xī Hú. It is a famous for the fresh water and beautiful scenery. The lake is located in the historic center of Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. The lake is divided by Su courseway, Bai courseway, and Yanggong Courseway. The lake is surrounded by mountains on three sides. The distance from north […]

China Snow Town

China Snow town also called XueXiang, a beautiful village, Located in the Shuangfeng Wood Farm in the suburbs of Harbin. The village is about 280km away from Harbin. Xuexiang is a beauty. Snowcapped huts and forests. We saw vastness and gorgeous landscape of pristine snow. The snow here is famous for its thickness and high […]

Unforgettable Trip to Confucius Forest

After exploring Beijing’s historical heritage sites, such as the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, etc. We take the high speed train to Qufu, which is prestigious for the hometown of Confucius. The Confucianism has influenced Chinese people about two thousand years, which is a patriarchal religion that reveres heaven and ancestors. We call […]