Jaw-dropping gourmet food from Gansu

Food from the Tibetan area of Gansu Province combines Tibetan flavours with northwest cooking styles. With its distinctive local recipe, the unique taste of Gansu’s gourmet food fascinates diners from home and abroad. The main staple food in the area is zanba, which people usually eat with beef and mutton. Tourists often find most of […]

Eating in Chengdu, China

With its diverse variety of food, when you’re in Chengdu it’s easy to be elegant in an English-style afternoon tea break, or enjoy a wide selection of Western-style cuisine. But the real gourmet lure comes from food stands and small restaurants scattered on the streets. The number-one rule: Join the crowd and trust their choices. […]

Explore Landzhou along the Yellow River

On banks of Yellow River are buildings and streets. And this is Lanzhou City. I used to see several Lanzhou natives drink white spirit. When a server came to ask what staple food they would like, they answered with one voice “our Lanzhou chow noodle”. Lanzhou chow noodle is famous across China. You can see […]