Great Wall Under Water

Photo taken on Aug. 13, 2012 shows a section of the “Great Wall Under Water”, which emerges out of the Panjiakou Reservoir in Kuancheng Manchu Autonomous County, north China’s Hebei Province. The Xifengkou and Panjiakou Great Wall built in ancient China’s Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) lied in the water following the building of the Panjiakou Reservoir […]

Yi ethnic group celebrate Torch Festival

Young women of the Yi ethnic group gather to celebrate the Torch Festival at Zhoubang Village of Baise City, southwest China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Aug. 10, 2012. The Torch Festival, which falls on June 24 according to the Lunar Calendar of the Yi nationality every year, is the most important traditional holiday of the […]

Find New in Beijing Antique Markets

Tianya Antique City – Posh Antique Boutiques Beijing antique markets run the gamut in terms of style, and places like Tianya Antique City are a world apart from blankets on the ground, covered in dusty items. The building is an imposing nine stories of boutique style stores, each selling their own specialty. Each floor has […]