Three Shadows Photography Art Centre

Tourists and wedding photo crews may flock to the ever more commercialized 798 Art District, but a lesser known art district just minutes away squarely maintains a focus on the arts. Caochangdi translates to “grasslands” which today may be hyperbole, but the area which is home to over ten galleries and the China National Film […]

Tourists enjoy gorgeous scenery in Tibet

Tourists enjoy the scenery of the Namtso, a plateau lake, in southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region, Aug. 7, 2012. The Namtso, meaning “the heavenly lake” in the Tibetan language, has become one of the preferences for a growing number of tourists to Tibet.

Beijing Art Museum´╝ÜToday Art Museum

A ways southeast of Guomao subway station is Pingod Art District, one of Beijing’s hip destinations that somehow stays under the mainstream radar. Home to Modern Sky Records’ headquarters and numerous galleries and design studios, Pingod would be worth a visit even if it didn’t have its focal point of the Today Art Museum. The […]