Fragrant Hills boast colorful leaves

Autumn is, certainly the best season to appreciate maple trees. I am a Canadian, so you can understand maples really mean much to me. My Chinese friend Wendy recommended the Fragrant Hills to me. I am not that always-follow-others guy, thus I do much research work before I took her advice. The Fragrant Hills is […]

Amazing Badaling Great Wall Forest Park

The best season for visiting the Great Wall is absolutely fall. However, if you are expecting to see redness and gold all around the Great Wall, you probably won’t be satisfied. Unlike Fragrant Hills, where an abundance of maple trees contribute to these characteristic fall colors every year, Badaling Great Wall forest park contains many […]

The Best Views in Beijing

Lots of people arrive in a new city, and the first thing they want to do is go up high. Upon entering a new environment, some part of the psyche yearns to grasp the bigger picture of a city, and acquire a perspective that can only be gained from a tall height. Granted, the number […]